Nike launches new renewable energy distribution centre | Supply Chain Management

  • Nike launches new renewable energy distribution centre | Supply Chain Management

    The sportswear apparel giants, Nike, has launched a new distribution centre that runs on renewable energy and recycles 95% of its waste generated on site.

    In the firm’s blog post, the new 1.5mn sq.ft centre in Ham, Belgium, is set to accelerate Nike’s logistics capabilities in order to meet the increasing consumer demand whilst advancing sustainability at scale.

    “Our new Court Distribution Centre represents Nike’s continued investment in a fast and flexible supply chain to deliver the full range of our product to consumers when they want, where they want it,” commented Eric Sprunk, Nike Chief Operating Officer. “This state-of-the-art facility will increase our responsiveness as we accelerate our digital growth and better serve millions of consumers across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.”

    With Nike aiming to achieve its goal of becoming zero carbon by 2025, the firm is determined to eradicate waste from its supply chain over the next five years.


    According to Nike’s estimation, the centre’s location is close to a network of canals enabling “99% of inbound containers to reach the local container park by water,” reducing 14,000 truck journeys every year.

    The centre, known as the Court, runs on 100% clean energy sourced from five local sources; wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass.

    Nike is working hard to enhance the sustainability of the materials in its products. Ranked among the top five companies in the Better Cotton Leaderboard, the standings showcase the sustainable and ethical cotton sourcing practices. In 2018, Nike and Gap were revealed to be “fast movers” for sourcing 20% more Better Cotton than in 2017.

    Nike is truly worldwide and operates in over 190 countries. Representing a global culture of sport, style and the pursuit of greatness, Nike is passionate about potential and believes everyone should have the tools to accomplish their goals.

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